December 14th, 2020 10:45 am

This site shares research into all the Tilyard and Tillyard families worldwide, their origins dating back to circa 1470 in Norfolk, England.

Anyone can look up basic information on people that are no longer living, plus the names of everyone on the tree.

Registered family members are able to view the full database, including all details on people, articles, 14,000+ photos, 4,000+ notes, 2,300+ sources, event maps, documents, reunions, headstones and cemeteries, that all help personalize our ancestors as they went about their daily lives.

If you are interested in the Tilyard and Tillyard families and their descendants from England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the USA - then this is your website! Over 17,000 people are now on the tree and as much social background as possible is being added. If you have anything to share, please let me know about it.

How you can help

First and foremost, have fun and learn lots! Second, let me know what you think. Do you like the site? Is there anything that can be represented better? Did you see any errors? Can you fill in any blanks? And third, help our site grow. E-mail me pictures from your side of the family to include. Do you have any documents? I'd love to add any birth, marriage, or death certificates, property claims, wills, pictures of gravestones, and any other kind of document that can help fill in gaps in the story.

How to use

First check the menu down the left hand side of the page. Initially, just a few basic functions available to everyone are shown. If you are on the family tree and want to register for an account the option is at the bottom of this menu.

Once your registration is confirmed via email you can select the  option (which is on the top menu bar and also the side menu) and enter your username and password. Then the full list of options will show, along with 'Find', Media' and 'Info' on the top menu. Placing your mouse cursor over any of these will automatically list available selections.

If you are looking for a particular person, start by clicking  on the top menu bar. Optionally enter all or some of the first name (If you're also entering a middle initial, enter it without the period), then some or all of the last name (remember to use maiden names when searching for females). NB: if you're not logged in you will only see very basic details.

You can also find  if you know more details about the person's life.  is helpful if you are unsure of the spelling. If you find someone who might be of further interest, you can   their family history page to easily find them in your  on your next visit. Notice when logged in that there are also extra tabs for an individual (Ancestors, Descendants, Relationship, Timeline, Family, GEDCOM, Edit) where you can view (or print) their charts, download a GEDCOM (restricted to researchers only), or edit information. A PDF (document) can also be created for any individual, family or chart.

Be sure to check all the other features using the links and drop down menus. Hint: When the cursor changes from an arrow to a hand then it's hovering over a link that can be clicked and accessed.